Projects Focused on Renewable Energy in Germany Should Move with 'Tesla Speed,' Says Robert Habeck

Projects Focused on Renewable Energy in Germany Should Move with 'Tesla Speed,' Says Robert Habeck

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Building projects that focus on renewable energy in Germany has become an important issue, especially in light of recent events and Russia's attack on Ukraine. The country's politicians have repeatedly supported the implementation of changes to accelerate the approval of such projects and now Robert Habeck of the Green Party in Germany says that their construction should be done with "Tesla speed."

For the new federal government, which began work in late 2021 with ambitious electric vehicle and energy targets, the situation has now worsened. Russia's invasion of Ukraine and its illegal actions forced many countries to reconsider their attitude towards the aggressor and abandon economic relations with it, so as not to be the one who indirectly invests in their war. Because of this, Germany, which receives gas supplies from Russia, has found itself in a very delicate position. However, this has been another powerful push to accelerate the deployment of projects focused on renewable energy.

To achieve the goal as soon as possible, the German Federal Minister for Economic Affairs and Climate Issues Robert Habeck called on the whole country to act with "Tesla speed." Last week, the Brandenburg state government announced the completion of the Giga Berlin approval process, which was a source of pride, by local standards, as the entire process took just over two years. German industrial companies would like the same support for all approval processes in all federal states, said a spokesman for the Federation of German Industry. Habeck said they should get it.

Diversification of energy supplies to Germany has already begun, Habek explained at a press conference, but it also needs to be processed. The federal and state governments are in full agreement that "the construction of power lines, LNG terminals and renewable energy should now be carried out with ‘Teslageschwindigkeit,’ and not in a sleepy mood, as was the case in some parts of Germany up to now." "Teslageschwindigkeit" means "Tesla speed" in German.

Tesla in Germany took an extremely unusual (for Germans) path, using all legal means possible at its own peril and risk. The company built Giga Berlin and set up production there, obtaining about two dozen preliminary permits before receiving the final environmental approval. In addition, Tesla has constantly fought to get the German government to work faster and even proposed a package of measures that would help the country speed up the process of obtaining building approval for projects aimed at developing environmental sustainability.

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