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Radio Flyer Toy Tesla Is Being Modified Into A Car With Fast Acceleration

Radio Flyer Toy Tesla Is Being Modified Into A Car With Fast Acceleration

In the summer of 2017, the new Tesla Model S was introduced. It certainly will not win drag races, but it will win your heart. This charming mini Tesla allows children to travel in style, preparing them for the inevitable takeover of the world by cars from Elon Musk.

In order to purchase this car, you will need to do the same thing that you do when buying a real Tesla car. You'll need to go through the configuration website to pick all the options that are suit for your little ones.

Like the adult version, Tesla For Kids comes with two different battery options. A 130 Wh lithium-ion battery is standard. But you can choose a battery with a capacity of 190 Wh, which provides 50% more battery life.

The wee Tesla also has working headlight and a very functional Frunk. It wouldn't be a Tesla without a Frunk. Tesla For Kids has a base top speed of 3 miles per hour, but in Ludicrous Mode it can accelerate to 6 miles per hour.

Ben Krasnow is engaged in design and build electromechanical prototypes. He set a goal to achieve 1g acceleration for 1 second with minimal changes in the body of a toy car.

An acceleration of 1g equates to a rate of change in velocity of approximately 22 mph for each second that elapses. Ben's goal is to make toy Tesla match the acceleration of Model S P100D in the first 1 second of launch. So, the toy car gets a chance to get fast acceleration, similar to what its older brother, the original Tesla Model S, has. He removed the whole drivetrain from the toy and replaced it with an aluminum frame, electric motor from a treadmill, and axle/wheels from a racing go-kart.

Well, it will be very interesting to see this when Ben finishes this project. Everyone will be able to watch a video of this on his YouTube channel Applied Science. I hope that Ben, like Elon Mask, will achieve his goal and be able to achieve the desired result. 

PS: We hope that he will not carry the child in this car after modifying it 😄.

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