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Re-Discussion of the Objections to Tesla Giga Berlin Has Begun

Re-Discussion of the Objections to Tesla Giga Berlin Has Begun

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Tesla Giga Berlin again faces delays in Germany as public discussions have to be repeated. On Tuesday, the process of re-discussion of objections to the construction of the Giga Berlin kicked off.

In an effort to protect itself and Tesla from future legal attacks from critics of the plant's construction, the State Environmental Agency has adjusted the approval process. Online discussion of objections to the construction of the Tesla factory near Berlin will be repeated. The Brandenburg Ministry of the Environment stated that the State Environment Agency decided this for reasons of legal certainty. These actions were taken in response to criticism from the so-called "environmental" associations Naturschutzbund (Nabu) and the Brandenburg Green League, whose participation in the process is highly questioned. They accuse the State Environment Agency of not meeting the deadline for the online consultation.

The ministry said the example of environmental associations is based on a legal opinion that differs from the previous interpretation. Since it is unclear in this case how the Brandenburg Administrative Court will decide in the event of a lawsuit, in an effort to protect themselves and avoid further delays for Tesla, it was decided to repeat the public debate.

According to the previously set dates, a repeat of the discussion began on November 2, which will last for three weeks and will end on November 22. According to earlier information, the results of the discussions, which took place in late September to early October, will be considered by the ministry during this time. After the end of the re-discussion, the new results will also be considered. So even with unexpected delays, Tesla could get its final environmental building permit still in 2021—as CEO Elon Musk expected—in December.

At the moment, everything indicates that Tesla will be able to obtain final approval because there is still not a single objection that would have serious grounds for refusal. Opponents of the factory building understand this and are simply trying to delay approval by directly harming the manufacturer. These organizations call themselves ecological, suggesting they are focused on the environment. Yet, they seek to delay the manufacturer of electric vehicles in building its factory, which will have a direct positive impact on the ecology of the region, the country, and the whole world. This only confirms that these organizations are exclusively against Tesla, and not for improving the environment.

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