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Refreshed Tesla Model S & X May Feature New Patented Seat Heating & Cooling System

Refreshed Tesla Model S & X May Feature New Patented Seat Heating & Cooling System

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In February 2019, Tesla filed a patent for “Vehicle seat with integrated temperature-control system,” and now it seems the company intends to use the patented invention in the refreshed Model S and X. The innovative system will heat or cool the seats as needed, which will ultimately lead to increased comfort and likely save battery power.

Recently spotted in Kettleman City, the refreshed Tesla Model S, which featured perforated seating, prompted careful observers to speculate that the new Model S and X models will use a new patented heating and cooling system for the seats. The fact is that the standard seats of Tesla cars are covered with smooth (vegan) leather, but the Model S and X, released in 2021, will have a perforated cover. The standard versions will have a partial perforated cover, while the Plaid versions will have a fully perforated cover.

Traditionally, seat heating and ventilation have been controlled by two different systems. The seats are heated by a series of resistors that heat up when an electric current flows through them and ventilated with a fan placed under the seat cushion. However, trying to ventilate the air through the seat foam is usually not enough to remove excess heat and create a comfortable environment for the passenger. In addition, the conventional heating system is bulky, takes up seat space that typically requires more seat thickness, and is ineffective in heating because heat typically has to travel through multiple layers and heats up areas of the seat that the passenger is not in contact with. This is why there is a need for an improved temperature control system for car seats that Tesla satisfied.

According to the patent, the new system will work effectively thanks to the circulation of a special fluid in the inner layer of the seats. The idea is for the seats to be liquid heated and cooled. The new design includes multiple layers inside the seat. The upper layer is the one on which the passenger sits, and under which there will be an intermediate layer of fluid. It is surrounded by another layer of fluid. The fluid is then circulated inside the intermediate layer by a pump to ensure that all parts of the seat are heated and cooled evenly. Inside the intermediate layer, there is a distribution layer, which is a heating and cooling element. When it is activated, the liquid either heats up or cools down.

While this information is unconfirmed, the installation of the new invention may indeed explain Tesla's decision to use perforated seat covers in the refreshed models. A new seat heating/cooling system could be a welcome feature in Tesla’s stunning cars.

Source: Tesla patent

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