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Tesla Model S Plaid with V11 Software Update Spotted at Supercharger

Tesla Model S Plaid with V11 Software Update Spotted at Supercharger

Photos: u/FridayTheDog111/Reddit

Tesla has been working on a significant new version of the software, which is expected to bring a lot of interesting things to owners' cars. V11 has now been spotted on a Model S Plaid, which was recently seen at a Supercharger.

Refreshed versions of Tesla Model S have already been repeatedly spotted in the wild and some happy observers even managed to look into the car's interior. However, u/FridayTheDog111/Reddit did much better. He got the opportunity to talk with Tesla employees, get into the car, and review the controls and updated software.

While u/FridayTheDog111 was drinking coffee waiting for his car to charge at the Supercharger, he noticed two Model S with a horizontal screen. He approached Tesla employees and asked them a few questions about the car. It turned out that Tesla was doing a high mileage test in Arizona and now the cars were headed to Fremont. A few minutes after the conversation, one of Tesla's employees said that u/FridayTheDog111 can inspect the car from the inside if he wants: "Doors open if you want to go check it out." Of course, the author of the post took advantage of this unique opportunity and examined the car.

Inspection revealed it to be a Model S Plaid, as when the battery was almost fully charged, the indicator indicated a range of 361 miles. In addition, u/FridayTheDog111 noticed that the user interface of the screen is significantly different from the current V10. A new app launcher screen with a navigation widget and the multimedia app has appeared in V11. Tesla has redesigned the climate control bottoms, quick controls screen, and instrument cluster, which displays a modified UI. The view of the screen in parking mode has also been changed.


When inspecting the car and after talking with Tesla employees, u/FridayTheDog111 also managed to find out some additional information about the refreshed Model S. It has been confirmed that until the new yoke steering wheel is approved for use in the US, all refreshed and Plaid Model S/X will deliver with a standard one. After receiving regulatory approval, customers will be given a choice before delivery.

Due to the fact that Tesla removed the rotary levers and gear shifter from the steering wheel, the controls were transferred directly to the steering wheel in the form of buttons and scrolls, as well as to the car's screen. In the "Smart Shift" mode, the car itself controls the gear change. However, it can be turned off and the rightmost button on the steering wheel will then act as a gear lever. When the driver clicks once, a prompt will appear on the screen to help him/her change the gear. The right scroll is mainly used to activate Autopilot, so when not activated it can be used to change gears. The inspection also confirmed that the screen can be tilted both ways.

One of the interesting observations was that the inspected car has FSD Beta installed. This could also mean that Tesla employees can also test an updated version of FSD Beta, as Tesla CEO Elon Musk recently talked about via Twitter.

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