Registrations of New & Used Tesla Vehicles in the US Are Growing Rapidly, Model Y Tops EV Sales in Jan

Registrations of New & Used Tesla Vehicles in the US Are Growing Rapidly, Model Y Tops EV Sales in Jan

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Tesla continues to capture an increasing share of the US market, showing great strides in registration numbers. The data collected for January demonstrates strong brand loyalty and reflects Tesla's growing influence in the United States.

According to Experian, Tesla's popularity in the US continues to pick up steam. The automaker's new vehicle registrations rose 18% in January from the same month a year earlier. It also reflects that over the three-month period from November 2020 to January 2021, registrations increased by 45%. With its ever-growing popularity, Tesla surpassed Audi among the luxury brands to come in fourth in the United States.

Tesla's popularity is also growing in the secondhand market. Used car registrations have grown a whopping 70% YoY and 62% in the past three months, according to Experian. Tesla registered 4,505 used cars in January, nearly double the number of 2,656 registered in the same period last year.

In January, Tesla registered 11,461 Model Y SUVs, which brought the model to first place in the EV market. For the first time, Model 3 lost the crown to its sibling, still registering a strong 10,151 vehicles. Because SUVs are extremely popular and Tesla provides the best purchase prices, Model Y could soon significantly outperform Model 3 sales, as CEO Elon Musk predicted long ago.

US consumer loyalty to Tesla rose significantly to 78%, the highest among any automaker.

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