Report: Tesla Prepares to Deliver Cars to Israeli Businesses

by Eva Fox May 04, 2021

Report: Tesla Prepares to Deliver Cars to Israeli Businesses

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Sources in Israel say Tesla is preparing to deliver vehicles to local businesses in Q3 2021. Online support for institutional customers is currently in beta testing and will be integrated into the company's main website in Israel in the future.

Tesla is gearing up to put its electric vehicles in a fleet of Israeli businesses in Q3 2021, The Globes reported. Sources in the Israeli vehicle import industry said Israeli leasing companies received thousands of inquiries and potential orders. Most of the orders came from tech companies, which want to be supplied with Tesla cars on operational leasing terms. This drive to buy Tesla vehicles stems from several factors, including tax incentives and lower operating costs.

The source also told The Globes that Tesla is preparing an online support network for institutional customers, which is currently in beta testing. In the future, it will be integrated into the main website of the company in Israel. However, to date, Tesla Israel has rejected orders from leasing companies and large fleets and did not mention any estimated delivery times. "The company has no plans to offer services to leasing companies at this stage," said the company.

Tesla vehicle imports will grow significantly next year if Israel and China succeed in signing the Free Trade Agreement (FTA), the details of which are reportedly close to completion. This will free Chinese imported cars from the current 7% customs duty, opening the way for a richer supply of Giga Shanghai-made cars.

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