Mattel Signs Multi-Year Agreement To Produce SpaceX-Inspired Toys In 2023

Mattel Signs Multi-Year Agreement To Produce SpaceX-Inspired Toys In 2023

American toy manufacturer Mattel signed a multi-year agreement with SpaceX to produce toys and collectibles in 2023. The SpaceX-inspired toys would inspire children to be curious about space exploration, engineering, and related careers. “At SpaceX, we believe that a future in which humanity is out among the stars is fundamentally more exciting than one in which we are not,” said Brian Bjelde, Vice President at SpaceX. “We look forward to working with Mattel to help inspire the next generation of space explorers and enthusiasts."

“We take pride in our ability to create products and experiences that honor cultural moments and inspire humankind,” said Nick Karamanos, SVP Entertainment Partnerships at Mattel. “As space exploration advances more quickly than ever before, we are thrilled to work with SpaceX and help spark limitless play patterns for the space explorer in every kid.”

Mattel did not provide details of what the SpaceX toys would be, they will likely be replicas of the aerospace company's spacecraft and rockets. A great American achievement is Crew Dragon spacecraft which returned human spaceflight capabilities to the United States in 2020 after roughly a decade of NASA's Space Shuttle retirement. Dragon is launched by SpaceX's highly-reliable Falcon 9 rocket which is the most flown operational rocket in the U.S. Mattel will also likely make replicas of SpaceX’s powerful Falcon Heavy rocket which created excitement for rocketry when it launched Elon Musk's Tesla Roadster carrying Starman on a voyage through deep space. Mattel already makes Starman inside the Tesla Roadster electric vehicle under the 'Hot Wheels' brand.

We can also expect the toy manufacturer to produce replicas of SpaceX’s Starship and Super Heavy rocket that is under development to return NASA Artemis astronauts to the Moon. The toys will be released next year under Mattel's 'Matchbox' brand. Besides SpaceX toys, other astronomy-inspired collectibles will be released on 'Mattel Creations', the company's direct-to-consumer online platform.

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