Tesla Model X Featured in New Star Wars Rogue Squadron Teaser

Tesla Model X Featured in New Star Wars Rogue Squadron Teaser

The New ‘Star Wars’ Movie: ‘Rogue Squadron’ is set to premiere at Christmas 2023. Director and screenwriter Patty Jenkins announced the start of filming and used a Tesla Model X in the video.

“Rogue Squadron” refers to the group of ace pilots--of X-Wings and snowspeeders, among other zippy ships--first introduced in “The Empire Strikes Back.” In order to emphasize the film's emphasis on X-Wings, Jenkins used the Model X, with its Falcon Wings.

Jenkins' film will explore a new, previously unexplored era of “Star Wars” lore set in the future beyond “The Rise of Skywalker.” In a statement on StarWars.com, Lucasfilm said “Rogue Squadron” will “introduce a new generation of starfighter pilots as they earn their wings and risk their lives in a boundary-pushing, high-speed thrill-ride, and move the saga into the future era of the galaxy.” The Falcon Wings in Model X perfectly focus the viewer's attention on this, and harmoniously complement the video filmed by Jenkins.

Tesla cars are firmly part of our life, so they are increasingly appearing on-screen. We can see them in a lot of TV series that have been released in the last few years. This underlines Tesla's widespread acceptance, demonstrating in parallel that electromobility is becoming a part of every-day life.

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