Rumor: Tesla Plans to Start Production at Giga Texas with Cybertruck Using Structural Battery Pack & 4680 Cells

Rumor: Tesla Plans to Start Production at Giga Texas with Cybertruck Using Structural Battery Pack & 4680 Cells

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The construction of Giga Texas is admirable. In just one year Tesla has made incredible progress and will probably start production in Texas even earlier than at Giga Berlin. Although Giga Texas had originally been slated to produce Model Y, it seems the company has adjusted its plans. The long-awaited Cybertruck, with a structural battery pack with 4680 cells, is rumored to be the first car to be produced at the new factory.

The first car to go into production at Giga Texas was to be Model Y. This was a smart plan as the popularity of the compact SUV continues to grow at a high rate, as shown by sales figures. Nevertheless, over the past six months, Tesla has been able to significantly increase the production of Model Y at its factories in the United States and in China. This allowed the company to begin partially meeting demand in various countries around the world.

Now a Troy Teslike/Twitter source has revealed that the first car model to be produced at Giga Texas will not be Model Y, but the iconic Cybertruck. Given Tesla's success in ramping up Model Y production, as well as the incredibly rapid growing number of orders for Cybertruck, starting with the steel pickup truck is a smarter move. Of course, keep in mind that all of the manufacturing processes for Cybertruck's production are completely new, and the team will work slowly before they can gain enough experience for faster production. During this time, a production line for Model Y could be put into operation, so while production of the pickup truck may start earlier, the actual mass production of Model Y could be ahead of Cybertruck.

Another interesting piece of information shared by Troy Teslike is that Cybertruck will be built with a structural battery pack using 4680 battery cells that will be manufactured in Texas. The use of 4680 battery cells for Cybertruck makes a lot of sense, as the car needs more advanced battery cells than the lighter and more compact Model Y. The production launch at Giga Texas will be a momentous event that will have a huge impact on Tesla's development.

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