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Rumor: Tesla Model Y SR Will Be Produced at Fremont Probably from Q4 Using CATL LFP Battery Pack

Rumor: Tesla Model Y SR Will Be Produced at Fremont Probably from Q4 Using CATL LFP Battery Pack

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According to a recent rumor, Tesla will begin production of the Model Y Standard Range at Fremont, likely in Q4. For their production, the company intends to use the lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery packs from CATL.

Tesla cars in the Standard Range version are the most popular among consumers due to their cheaper cost. While Model 3 is sold in this variant, Model Y was not available to order. In 2020, the manufacturer canceled the production of the SR version of the electric SUV due to the fact that its range was too low for the company's standards.

However, strong demand for this option, as well as increased access to cheaper batteries, convinced Tesla to return to Model Y SR production. Its production started at Giga Shanghai quite recently. Now, according to rumors, it should start at the Fremont factory soon.

@MilMileBattery/Twitter shared information that Tesla intends to start production of the crossover SUV in the Standard Range version in a few months. According to its source, this could happen as early as Q4 2021. @MilMileBattery said that the LFP battery packs from CATL will be used to produce Model Y SR.

Tesla has just informed its North American customers that it has begun production of Model 3 Standard Range with LFP batteries. Starting production of Model Y with the same battery cells seems like a logical step given the company's commitment to producing all Tesla Standard Range vehicles with iron cathode batteries. The use of LFP batteries will allow Tesla to free up significant reserves of lithium-ion chemical cells using nickel cathodes for other vehicles produced by the company.

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