The Republic of Rwanda Government provides SpaceX Starlink Internet to first 50 Schools out of 500

The Republic of Rwanda Government provides SpaceX Starlink Internet to first 50 Schools out of 500

The Tony Blair Institute for Global Change non-profit organization announced that it worked with the Republic of Rwanda government to provide SpaceX Starlink internet to 50 schools situated in rural communities. “The Tomorrow Partnership’s work with the government of Rwanda is bringing high-speed internet connectivity to schools. Connecting the first cohort of 50 schools in the 500-school pilot was an exciting moment,” said the organization. “The Rwandan government is relentless in its drive to meet its National Strategy for Transformation target of connecting every school to the internet.”

The Ministry of Education of Rwanda started connecting the first 50 schools in March this year, and the government is in the process of connecting a total of 500 schools across the country. “We are glad to have partners that have really embraced and bought into the vision of Rwanda positioning itself to be a proof of concept hub for entrepreneurs and innovators, to build and scale their digital solutions,” stated Paula Ingabire, the Rwanda Minister of Information, Communications Technology (ICT) and Innovation. 



Rwanda’s internet penetration stood at 26.3% of the total population at the start of 2022. Starlink will help the country expand access to the internet in areas where terrestrial internet infrastructures are difficult and too expensive to install. Starlink is the perfect solution for isolated distant communities because all that is required is the Starlink antenna connected to an electricity source and the Low Earth Orbit Starlink satellites will directly beam high-speed internet to users. Rwanda’s ICT Ministry says that connecting 500 schools is only the beginning, the government also aims to connect underprivileged communities in underserved areas across the country. “As a government, we are committed to creating an inclusive & digitally-enabled society that empowers citizens to be productive, innovative & competitive in the global economy,” said Ms. Ingabire.




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