See How Much Money This Tesla Solar Owner Is Saving Per Month

See How Much Money This Tesla Solar Owner Is Saving Per Month

Tesla's solar panels are low-profile and durable - they quietly convert sunlight into energy for decades to come. The company provides the lowest cost per watt of any national solar panel provider and will reduce your electricity bill. Powerwall stores energy and makes it available on demand anytime - at night or during an outage. To manage your solar system and home energy consumption from anywhere in the world, you can use the mobile monitoring app 24/7.

Luis J. Diaz followed Tesla for many years because he believed in the company sustainability mission and the technology behind it. Initially, he wanted to purchase a Tesla Model S, however, before making a purchase, Luis wanted to figure out his charging solution, since he wanted to charge the car from the sun.

After several weeks of searching, Luis decided to choose Tesla for solar panels. The company was able to offer an excellent price for solar energy that met the needs of his family. Solar and energy storage system feeds their home, protects them from power outages, and prepares them for future electricity and charging needs for Model S. Between huge cost savings from state and federal incentives, increased property value and a lower utility bill - the family knew that solar will be a great investment.

Source: Luis J. Diaz

Luis notes that he is very pleased with how his solar panels look, which harmonize and complement the rest of their home.

Before Luis installed the solar panels, he paid his utilities $250 per month for electricity. With the addition of solar energy, his current electricity bill is an average of $5 per month. On average, Luis earns about $310 a month only from his government incentives through the Solar Renewable Energy Certificate (SREC). This covers both his entire monthly cost of the solar system at $290, as well as most of his electricity bill.

"I have a money printer on my roof," says Luis.

After he installed his solar panel, he realized his dream and bought a Model S. Now his family lives sustainably with minimal emissions, while saving money. They power their home, charge their car with solar panels and store any excess clean energy in Powerwall.

Source: Luis J. Diaz

The economics of Tesla solar make the investment a no-brainer, reducing the cost of owning their Tesla car and lowering the amount they pay for utilities. Tesla's ecosystem is the ticket to energy independence.

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