SpaceX Inspires New City of Brownsville Slogan –‘On the Border by the Sea and Beyond!’

SpaceX Inspires New City of Brownsville Slogan –‘On the Border by the Sea and Beyond!’

Featured Image Source: Jared Isaacman @rookisaacman via Twitter/Logo by City of Brownsville

The City of Brownsville in South Texas, along the border with Mexico, has welcomed SpaceX operations at Boca Chica Beach. Driving down Highway 4 road to the beach feels like you are entering a portal into the future. A giant STARBASE sign welcomes you to SpaceX’s Starbase rocket factory. The sandy region will one day become a spaceport from where Starships will transport astronauts towards the Moon, Mars, and beyond. Seeing multiple stainless-steel Starship vehicles standing tall in the horizon really makes you believe that space travel for the masses could be possible in our lifetime. 

Image Source: / @JaneidyEve via Twitter 

SpaceX founder Elon Musk calls the sandy village the ‘Gateway to Mars,’ his ultimate goal is to build the first self-sustaining city on the Red Planet. To achieve this, SpaceX plans to build a fleet of at least 1,000 Starship over the next 20 years. The company has performed multiple test flights since 2019 to develop the launch system and is preparing to conduct the first-ever Starship/Super Heavy orbital flight test. The spaceflight activities at Starbase have attracted tourists and businesses into the region, as well as inspired local students to dream about working towards creating an exciting spacefaring future for humanity. SpaceX also inspired a new City of Brownsville slogan –“On the border by the sea and beyond!” The city’s previous slogan was –“On the border by the sea.” 

SpaceX Starbase employees and Elon Musk have demonstrated to be good neighbors. They have a positive impact in the community and have volunteered to help with multiple causes and charities locally, ranging from saving cold-stunned beach turtles in the winter and helping provide food to homeless shelters. The Musk Foundation pledged to donate $20 million for education in South Texas and $10 million to revitalize downtown Brownsville. The funds have slowly been disbursed annually across multiple school districts and organizations. Most recently, the Musk Foundation donated over $2 million to the Brownsville Independent School District that manages 54 public schools in Cameron County that provide education to over 43,000 students from pre-kindergarten to high schools that offer early college programs. BISD also provides education and care for children with special needs.

In February, BISD students made a 'Thank You' video to show appreciation for Musk's generosity. They invited him and SpaceX employees to participate in Brownsville's week-long Charro Days festivities. On February 26, SpaceX participated at the annual Charro Days Fiesta parade with a unique float that featured one of Starship’s methane-fueled Raptor engines, while Musk enjoyed lunch at ‘Sombrero Fest’ with his youngest son. SpaceX sponsored the children’s amusement rides at Sombrero Fest and provided free rides for all kids for a couple days (see photos below). Read more in the previous TESMANIAN story: SpaceX Starbase participates at the City of Brownsville’s Charro Days Parade, Elon Musk attends Sombrero Fest! 



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Featured Image Source: Jared Isaacman @rookisaacman via Twitter/Logo by City of Brownsville

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