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Tesla Solar Roof Owner Shares Incredible Price of Newly Installed System

Tesla Solar Roof Owner Shares Incredible Price of Newly Installed System

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One of the biggest issues homeowners have with solar panels is how they look. The Solar Roof was designed to function as solar panels while seamlessly integrating into a roof. This way, homeowners could still enjoy the benefits of solar energy without having to worry about sacrificing their home’s aesthetic.

Robby Valles / Twitter, resident of Oxnard, California, originally planned on getting the subscription solar plan. But he's the owner of two Model 3s that he charges at home, so Robby wanted a system with maximum output. To do this, he would have to cover his entire house with solar panels, which would look unattractive, so he abandoned this decision.

"Unfortunately since I have a two-story house, my entire house would have been covered by panels and I felt like that would have not looked too good," Robby told Tesmanian. Therefore, as soon as the opportunity arose to order the V3 Solar Roof, he asked his solar project team if he could change his previous order. Although Robby had already received full permits at the time and was scheduled for installation, his new order was accepted.

Robby ordered a medium system: 7.37kW. The area of ​​his house is 2400 sq ft, and the roof size is 1737 sq ft. The system initially cost him $34,067, but ultimately will be $28,608, as Robby should receive $5,459 of the federal rebate.

It is worth noting that the national average cost to install a traditional (non-solar) tile roof is averaging $14,641, per HomeAdvisor. So if you are already looking to replace your roof, Solar Roof is stellar option as you will not only have a stylish roof, but will also be producing solar power, and adding value to your home (EnergySage).

It took 2 weeks to install the roof and now Robby's family can enjoy all the benefits of owning it. The roof looks amazing, adding sophistication to the exterior of the house.

The active solar glass roof tiles contain solar cells, which allows them to produce electricity for your home to use. The inactive shingles act as regular shingles, not producing solar power. When installed, these two types of tiles are combined to achieve the most effective result.

Solar Roof costs more than solar panels, but if you need a new roof and you’re also looking to switch to solar, the Tesla Solar Roof could actually save you money on installation costs and in the future on your electricity bills.

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