Tesla QoQ Solar Roof Installations Almost Tripled In Q2 2020

Tesla QoQ Solar Roof Installations Almost Tripled In Q2 2020

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To create an entire sustainable energy ecosystem, Tesla also manufactures a unique set of energy products that enable homeowners, businesses, and utilities to produce and manage renewable energy generation, storage, and consumption. Homeowners can install solar panels or Solar Roof to power their home using 100% renewable energy and then store that energy in Powerwall, which makes electricity available during peak energy-use periods and at night, while also providing power during grid outages.

In Q2 2020, Tesla reported that Solar Roof installations roughly tripled in Q2 compared to Q1. During the quarter, we saw reports of installations starting in various states in the U.S. The company continues to expand its installation team to speed up deployment. 

Tesla's Solar Roof ramp has been proven by its 60 new job listings for roofers in at least 15 different states in the U.S. The hiring began more than three months ago, which was in line with Tesla CEO Elon Musk's announcement during the Q1 2020 Earnings Call. He mentioned the need to improve the installation process for Solar Roof. Hiring more roofers helped Solar Roof installations move faster and more efficiently. 

In addition to the success of Solar Roof installations, Tesla is also continuing to develop its solar panels. Recently, the company made home retrofit solar even more affordable in the U.S., while also offering an increased efficiency panel. At $1.49 per watt, the average Tesla solar system is now one-third less expensive than the industry. The average customer buying a large system in California will likely offset their system cost with a reduced electricity bill in approximately six years.

Tesla also introduced a lowest-cost guarantee and money-back guarantee. Tesla's new pricing is made possible by several improvements, such as moving to recommending standard sizes that customers can order with one click online, and the reduction of customer acquisition costs through the automation of processes.

Tesla's strong Solar Roof install team will lead to further growth in installations. This will accelerate the company's impact on sustainability by allowing people to obtain energy from the sun in an environmentally friendly way.

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