SpaceX filed a request to conduct a Starship SN1 test flight above Boca Chica Texas

by Evelyn Arevalo February 04, 2020

SpaceX filed a request to conduct a Starship SN1 test flight above Boca Chica Texas

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SpaceX has developed the most technologically advanced rockets and spacecraft in the world. Their Falcon 9 rocket is capable of sending heavy payload into space, then returning to Earth in order to be reused. The rocket's first-stage lands flawlessly on droneship pads situated at sea using the power of its own engines. SpaceX also developed Dragon, a spacecraft that has conducted many missions to the International Space Station, the updated version known as Crew Dragon, became the first spacecraft in history to autonomously dock to the space station. Now, SpaceX aims to replace all their spacecraft and go bigger.
The company initiated the development of Starship, their next generation rocket-spacecraft duo. Starship will be a fully reusable vehicle with the capacity of transporting one hundred passengers to the moon and Mars. The first prototypes of Starship are in their initial phase of development at the company's facility located in Boca Chica Beach, Brownsville, Texas. SpaceX is currently manufacturing the first flight prototype of Starship referred to as "SN1." This will be a massive stain-less steel flight vehicle that is slated to perform a sub-orbital test flight sometime around March.

According to a recent filing with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), SpaceX requests permission to conduct Starship SN1's first high-altitude test fight as early as March 16th. Though, the test flight can occur anytime this year because the request date period begins March 16th and ends by September 16th. The filing details the test flight would take Starship SN1 to an altitude of approximately 20 kilometers (km), or 12.4 miles (mi). They will also attempt to land the vehicle on an nearby launch pad at Boca Chica. The altitude of 20km might not seem like it is high but it is pretty high, the edge of space begins at around 100km. So, a successful 20km Starship SN1 test flight will be a huge milestone towards sending the craft to orbit. SpaceX filed paperwork with the FCC requesting to transmit radio frequencies, during Starship SN1 test flight, this communication will be between a ground station and the craft. SpaceX also plans to send data of the vehicle’s trajectory to NASA as well as the United States Air Force.

SpaceX wants to speed up Starship's construction progress they are hiring! The company will host a "Starship Career Day" this week on Thursday, February 6. in Boca Chica Beach, Texas everyone is welcome to apply. Find out more details: The CEO of SpaceX Elon Musk announced SpaceX Boca Chica will host a 'career day' hiring event for Starship production!

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