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Staged Negative Film about Tesla & Elon Musk Linked to EQT that Owns Renewable Energy Company

Staged Negative Film about Tesla & Elon Musk Linked to EQT that Owns Renewable Energy Company

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The staged negative videos paid for by the self-proclaimed “czar” about Tesla and Elon Musk are connected to EQT, which owns a renewable energy company in the United States. Tesla is a direct competitor to EQT-owned Cypress Creek Renewables, which among other markets in the country is actively developing in Texas.

Last weekend it was revealed that a certain Jordan Skopp, who called himself “czar BATTLING AGAINST ‘Distracted Driving’” wanted to make a film “Man Vs Musk” with the support of Charlie Schulman, which would not use facts, but a staged video from social media influencers who have to speak negatively about Tesla and Elon Musk. The hired people receive $100 for a 10-15 minute video, which they then must share on their social networks. He wrapped up all of this in a beautiful package of combatting distracted driving, which is sure to keep viewers hooked. However, he completely avoids facts that clearly indicate that Tesla owners are much less likely to be involved in accidents than owners of other car brands in the US overall, according to NHTSA's data. You can read more about the story here.

Now @compulyze/Twitter has brought to the attention of Tesmanian and the community that this story may be even more disgusting than first appeared. An influencer search ad was posted on the Backstage platform. According to its own description, Backstage “enables productions, brands, marketing agencies, and businesses to efficiently discover and work with highly skilled creative talent.”

On February 1, 2022, Backstage was acquired by Cast & Crew, a “provider of software and services to the entertainment industry.” Cast & Crew itself was acquired by EQT in 2018.

EQT is a Swedish investment firm with more than EUR 71 billion in assets under management across 27 active funds. EQT funds have portfolio companies in Europe, Asia-Pacific, and the Americas with total sales of approximately EUR 29 billion and more than 175,000 employees, according to the company's own description. It would seem that this has nothing to do with Tesla or Elon Musk, but one of the companies it acquired is a direct competitor, and its interests may suffer due to the growing influence of Tesla.

In October 2021, EQT acquired Cypress Creek Renewables, an integrated solar and storage company. The company develops and owns solar and storage projects, as well as offers asset management and operations and maintenance services for owned and third-party assets in the USA. The company is committed to active development in the Texas market, where Tesla has recently settled and started building its battery projects. At the moment, details are not known as to whether the interests of both may overlap so seriously that EQT could start foul play.

In June 2022, it became known that Cypress Creek would build an 80MWh battery energy storage system (BESS) in Texas. The BESS will use Tesla Megapacks and the company will sign a 20-year capacity maintenance agreement with Tesla for the latter to replace degraded battery modules. However, in the Cypress Creek press release itself about the closing of funding for the Texas Solar and Storage project, it only talks about its own achievements and Tesla's name is not mentioned.

Be that as it may, at the moment there is a chain of connections that hints that companies owned by EQT may be playing a foul game against Tesla and Musk. Even if, for now, the automotive business of the manufacturer is negatively impacted, it still harms the entire company and all its divisions. Musk himself and his companies work and disrupt very profitable areas of the industry, therefore, obviously, they have many detractors among competitors. They often receive attacks from other companies and projects, major media outlets, and US politicians.

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