SpaceX submits requests to be a Starlink Internet Service Provider in Chile & Argentina

SpaceX submits requests to be a Starlink Internet Service Provider in Chile & Argentina

SpaceX is launching a megaconstellation of satellites to create broadband internet network called Starlink, that will provide high-speed service globally. As of today, SpaceX has deployed around 960 small satellites to low Earth orbit out of over 4,400 that will be part of the constellation. Space-based satellite internet is a more reliable communication infrastructure than terrestrial internet service. SpaceX is currently offering Starlink Beta service by invitation only to customers living in high-latitudes, including Canada, northern United States, and portions of United Kingdom. Starlink customers receive internet connection from the satellites in space through a phased array-antenna dish. Additionally, the company plans to build Starlink Gateway ground stations to connect users to reliable service. SpaceX aims to begin offering internet services across the world in 2021 as more satellites are launched to orbit.

SpaceX Starlink Dish 

SpaceX submitted applications to seek a telecommunications license in several countries worldwide under a subsidiary company name – “TIBRO” (it casually spells ‘ORBIT’ backwards). SpaceX is in the early stages of requesting Internet Service Provider licenses and spectrum allocation licenses under the TIBRO company name to operate in Chile and Argentina, neighbor countries located in South America.

In Chile, SpaceX has requested regulators to build 7 Starlink Gateway ground stations. One of them in the capital, Santiago, and the other 6 stations south of Chile, according to a filing submitted in Spanish language with The Republic of Chile Ministry of Transportation and Telecommunications. The document details the names and locations of the 7 Starlink Gateway stations that are planned to operate when Chilean authorities grant a service license and approve the request, listed below. The chart below is sectioned as follows: Starlink Gateway Station Name / Address / Location / Region / Geographic Coordinates - Latitude & Longitude.

Source: The Republic of Chile Ministry of Transportation and Telecommunications 

In the country of Argentina, situated next to Chile, SpaceX is seeking to become a Starlink Internet service provider. The company submitted a request with ENTE, telecommunications regulator, to obtain the necessary licenses to provide internet and operate user terminals. The document published by the Argentinian agency ‘Boletin Oficial de la Republica de Argentina’, states that before SpaceX initiates service in the country, it needs to obtain spectrum allocation, “provide detailed information corresponding to the definitive non-geostationary [Starlink] satellite constellation of the system," as well as, receive authorization for "the interconnection stations to be installed in the Argentine Republic (Gateway)," and “that the user terminals comply with the regulations established […]” the document reads [translated from Spanish to English]. To receive updates about when Starlink will be available in your country sign-up via


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