SpaceX Offers A 50% Discount For Starlink Hardware In Australia

SpaceX Offers A 50% Discount For Starlink Hardware In Australia

SpaceX is offering a 50% discount for Starlink hardware in Australia. The company sent emails to customers stating that the Starlink Kit now costs $450 AUD, down nearly half from its original price of $924 AUD. The Kit includes: the phased array antenna to receive data from the satellite constellation, and a Wi-Fi router to access the internet wirelessly. –"SpaceX's Starlink has an offer for Australia only - Over 50% off your Kit until New Years Eve!" wrote the company via email. "Redeem today and connect to high-speed internet within a week. Available for fixed service at your home, or on-the-go for your caravan across Australia!" The monthly Starlink subscription for Australia costs $139 AUD. 

SpaceX is offering this promotion to Australians because the service is now capable of providing extensive internet coverage across the country. The official Starlink Coverage Map states there is covetage across the majority of the country, except some northern areas which are expected to have coverage early next year (pictured below). Starlink is useful for rural and remote communities where traditional internet infrastructures are unreliable to provide internet. SpaceX’s satellite constellation of nearly thousands of satellites can beam internet anywhere on Earth, including regions where internet does not exist. 

SpaceX already operates the world's largest broadband satellite constellation. According to data collected by astronomer Jonathan McDowell, SpaceX has launched a total of 3,558 satellites and out of those 3,275 remain in Low Earth Orbit. It is unclear how many are actively beaming internet service. The company already provides high-speed services globally across 44 countries, including maritime customers at sea and aboard aircraft. Visit for more information. 

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