SpaceX adds Starlink Donation option to its website to help organizations & communities in need

SpaceX adds Starlink Donation option to its website to help organizations & communities in need

This week, SpaceX added a Starlink 'Donation' option to its website to help organizations and communities in need. "The Starlink team receives continuous requests to provide connectivity for communities across the globe. Your donation will be applied to the areas of greatest need across education, telehealth, emergency response and humanitarian efforts, as determined by the Starlink team," says the company. "Please note, Starlink donations do not qualify as tax-deductible charitable donations." 

To donate, customers have the option to either buy a Starlink Kit to donate directly to the organization or directly purchase the hardware and annual service through SpaceX's website so that the Starlink team delivers it to those in greatest need of a reliable communication system. They set-up multiple categories to donate Starlink to, including: education, telehealth, emergency response, and humanitarian efforts. "Starlink for schools not only impacts students and teachers, but also enables access to essential online services and resources for rural communities that have historically gone unserved by traditional internet service providers. Starlink is aiming to connect more than 500,000 students globally in 2023," shared the company. 

SpaceX also shared that Starlink has been useful for "remote access to healthcare and medical services for patients in underserved areas. These services became even more critical during the Covid-19 pandemic. From mobile pop-up clinics to virtual doctors' visits, Starlink enables health care access where it is needed most." 

Starlink has proven to be useful for emergency responders around the world. "Without the bounds of traditional ground infrastructure, Starlink can be deployed in a matter of minutes to support emergency responders in disaster scenarios. From hurricanes to fires to flooding and more, the Starlink team is proud to support and prioritize service for emergency responders around the globe," said SpaceX. The high-speed satellite internet has been deployed to assist after catastrophic events.

SpaceX has provided Starlink to first responders after hurricanes, floods, and other natural disasters. In January, the company connected the Republic of Tonga to Starlink after the Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha’apai volcano eruption destroyed the only underground fiber-optic cable that connected the island to the internet. Starlink has also proven to be useful in the war-torn country of Ukraine, where civilians have been affected by Russia's invasion. "In times of conflict or crisis, access to a reliable internet connection is critical to connecting loved ones, alleviating suffering and saving lives. The Starlink team is proud to support humanitarian efforts in places like Ukraine, Tonga and wherever connectivity can have a significant impact to the well-being of communities in need," shared the company. Visit for more information. 

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