SpaceX Starlink is now available in Rwanda, Government will connect 500 schools to high-speed internet

SpaceX Starlink is now available in Rwanda, Government will connect 500 schools to high-speed internet

On February 22, SpaceX announced that Starlink is now available in Rwanda. Rwanda’s Information Communication Technology (ICT) Ministry shared that the government will connect 500 schools to Starlink high-speed internet to improve education. Rwanda is the second country in Africa to have access to the service. Starlink was first available in December 2022 in communities located in Nigeria, where a local engineer shared it significantly improved connectivity. Read more: Nigeria becomes the first country in Africa to have access to SpaceX Starlink, Engineer is ‘pretty impressed’ by the high-speed internet service

Rwanda’s internet penetration stood at 26.3% of the total population at the start of 2022. Starlink will help the country expand access to the internet in areas where terrestrial internet infrastructures are difficult and too expensive to install. Starlink is the perfect solution for isolated distant communities because all that is required is the Starlink antenna connected to an electricity source and the Low Earth Orbit Starlink satellites will directly beam high-speed internet to users. Rwanda’s ICT Ministry says that connecting 500 schools is only the beginning, the government also aims to connect underprivileged communities in underserved areas across the country. "As a government, we are committed to creating an inclusive & digitally-enabled society that empowers citizens to be productive, innovative & competitive in the global economy," said the Minister of ICT and Innovation Paula Ingabire.

SpaceX aims to connect 37 African countries within two years to enable high-speed internet in rural and remote regions. During the first quarter of 2023 SpaceX will work to roll out Starlink in Zimbabwe, Zambia, and Mozambique, according to its official Starlink Coverage Map at its website. The company is rapidly expanding Starlink internet coverage globally with weekly satellite launches. It has already amassed over one million subscribers globally.

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