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Steinbach Aims to Ensure Tesla Giga Berlin Long Term Water Supply

Steinbach Aims to Ensure Tesla Giga Berlin Long Term Water Supply

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The Minister of Economics of Brandenburg, Jörg Steinbach, aims to ensure the water supply of Tesla Giga Berlin in the long term. Whether this is done with the help of a local water association or resources from neighboring regions, the water supply to the American manufacturer's factory should be secured.

Recently, Water Association Strausberg-Erkner (WSE) announced that, due to ongoing litigation by environmental associations in the Frankfurt (Oder) Administrative Court, it cannot guarantee the water supply to Tesla Giga Berlin. In the statement of the water association to the licensing authority, among other things, it is said that in the event of the complete or partial cancellation of water license dated 02/28/2020 for the Eggersdorf hydroelectric complex by the administrative court, the drinking water supply for the Tesla project is not protected. The WSE also said the American manufacturer was not to blame for any of the water issues that were found.

This situation forced the Minister of Economics of Brandenburg, Jörg Steinbach, to intervene. He said that the water supply does not have to be guaranteed by just one water association. He drew attention to the fact that it is important to look at broader hydrological relationships, pointing out that the supplier can be found in neighboring regions.

“It can also mean, for example, that water is needed from the surrounding areas. Thus, water supply can be ensured,” he said. Steinbach noted that the water demand for industrial settlements is currently being tested. “If this is enough, you can conclude an agreement, and if not, you need to find solutions,” he assured.

The minister also confirmed that a final building permit is expected soon: “Even if I cannot give a specific date, I am still optimistic that production may start soon.”

The politician is one of those who are well aware that Tesla is a great asset for the region. “We are already seeing a significant increase in interest in the Brandenburg area,” Steinbach said. “Many of those knocking on our door today have never seen Brandenburg before.” The American manufacturer is keen to localize the supply chain for its factory as much as possible, which is why many manufacturers have begun to consider opening their operations in Brandenburg and Germany. “It enhances economic power, creates jobs and thus benefits the regions,” the politician said.

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