Sun Enterprises Ltd. partners with Marlink to equip sea tankers & bulk carriers with SpaceX Starlink service

Sun Enterprises Ltd. partners with Marlink to equip sea tankers & bulk carriers with SpaceX Starlink service

Marlink, a smart network and digital solutions company, has announced that it will enhance its existing “smart hybrid network solution” for long-term customer Sun Enterprises Ltd. by adding SpaceX Starlink satellite internet service. Marlink is an authorized Starlink integrator for maritime enterprise customers and is offering the service in combination with other satellite and communications management services. 

Sun Enterprises plans to equip its fleet of 20 sea tankers and bulk carriers with Starlink. This move aims to boost the adoption of digital tools and crew welfare applications for the Greece-based vessel manager. These vessels collectively possess a deadweight capacity of nearly 2 million tonnes. The company says it has built a strong reputation for operating a safe, efficient, and environmentally-friendly fleet, earning numerous awards in recognition of its commitment to these principles. As a result, Sun Enterprises has established vital relationships with leading oil and dry cargo companies worldwide.

“Sun Enterprises operates on core values that demonstrate a commitment to running our business with safety, professional integrity, innovation, diligence and teamwork and this DNA demands we adopt new approaches to our clients’ demands. Our work with Marlink has demonstrated that they can provide the best solutions in any combination that can scale as we move forward with more advanced business processes,” stated Sun Enterprises ICT Manager Konstantinos Tsalikis. 

By integrating SpaceX Starlink satellite service into its existing network, Sun Enterprises will experience significantly faster throughput and lower latency in its business and crew communications. This improvement will enable the deployment of digital solutions and enhance crew welfare services. “Sun Enterprises illustrates the approach of a vessel manager that must meet the highest possible demands for the quality of its operations and these days, higher bandwidth and lower latency communications are a must. Our blended solutions enable vessel operators to manage the transition to digitalisation operations in a way that reflects their core principle,” stated Marlink President of Maritime services Tore Morten Olsen in a press release on June 13.

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