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Tesla Supercharger in Kazakhstan

Tesla Supercharger in Kazakhstan

In March 2019, Elon Musk during the presentation of Model Y in Los Angeles announced that Tesla will expand the network of Superchargers.

The Kazakhstanis attending the event proposed building such stations in Kazakhstan, and Mr. Musk agreed, noting that Tesla had good support in Kazakhstan.

After publishing videos on the Internet where Elon Musk promises to consider the possibility of building Tesla charging stations in Kazakhstan, Danish Zhumin, deputy mayor of Shymkent, proposed to consider Shymkent as a specific construction site.

To attract the attention of Mr.Musk Danat Zhumin launched a flash mob and invited Kazakhstan people to take an active part in it.
“You have probably heard that Elon Musk recently promised to consider the possibility of building Tesla charging stations in Kazakhstan. I ask all citizens of Kazakhstan to help Elon Musk fulfill his promise. We offer to Musk to build not only stations, but also a battery plant, as well as a factory for manufacturing chargers devices for stations in Shymkent, "Danat Zhumin, deputy mayor of Shymkent, wrote on his Facebook page.

Zhumin invited Kazakhstan users to find on Twitter the publication of Elon Musk on March 15, 2019, which posted a video of his public promise, and then write the following message under this video: "Hi Elon! Please keep your word to build superchargers in Kazakhstan. Shymkent city is ready to provide your with tax and customs incentives, needed infrastructure and land spot for free. Email us to Info@spk.gov.kz "

Photo credit: Tesla Club Kazakhstan archive

On November 13, at the Talan Towers high-rise complex in Nur Sultan, the launch of Tesla Supercharger superfast charging stations took place.

“The project in Nur Sultan will create the necessary infrastructure for the growth in the use of environmentally friendly transport in Kazakhstan and Central Asia, accelerate the transition of car owners to electric cars and will contribute to the development of energy-saving and green technologies in the country,” the announcement of the event says.

Reportedly, six Tesla Superchargers will be officially presented at Talan Towers: four in the parking lot near The Ritz-Carlton, Astana, two more in the underground parking at P1 level, which will provide convenient and easy access both in winter and in summer.

In July, a team from Tesla arrived in Kazakhstan to explore new markets for developing a network of charging stations, opening service centers, and possibly points of sale in the future.

The Supercharger in Nur Sultan is the first official public Supercharger in Central Asia.

Anuarbek Imanbaev posted a video on Twitter today that shows how the Tesla Supercharger is installed and thanked Elon Musk for keeping his promise.


We sincerely congratulate the people of Kazakhstan on the fact that they now have the Tesla Super Charger in their country.
We express our gratitude to Elon Musk, for the fact that he once again kept his promise and made people happy!



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