Sentry Mode on Tesla Model X caught out the suspected serial car thieves

Sentry Mode on Tesla Model X caught out the suspected serial car thieves

Suspected serial car thieves have been caught out by a Tesla Model X in Ashmore, Australia. Its motion sensing security cameras caught the teenagers in the act leading to their arrest.

Gold Coast, Australia, is known among the citizens of the country as one of the most criminal points in the country. According to, over the past 3 years, crime rates in the area have risen significantly. This region of the country is known as one of Australia's worst hot spots. So, recently there was a crime that ended in failure for thieves.

According to The Driven, three suspected car thieves, aged 15 and 16, entered the open garage of Tesla owner Kristian Sullivan. At first they tried to steal money and golf clubs before they found the key from the Model X (the cost of a car in Australia is $170,000).

A few minutes later, the Sullivan family left the house and saw the criminals, which made the thieves flee the crime scene. But for them it was not a salvation.

Sentry Mode was activated in Model X, therefore, from the very beginning, as soon as the thieves approached the car, Tesla's cameras began recording, which later became indisputable evidence of a crime.


Tesla electric vehicles are equipped with built-in sensors, including a number of cameras in inconspicuous places, which, among other things, are used to monitor the vehicle and what surrounds it.

“The cameras activate whenever someone comes within a few meters of the car,” Sullivan told Australian Channel 7 News. “It’s meant to catch people opening up doors into your car,” he said.

Thanks to the Sentry mod, around the world, the police periodically catches criminals who commit crimes. Tesla is a high-tech car that has a number of advantages, including the unprecedented opportunity -- Sentry Mode.

It adds a unique level of protection to Tesla cars, constantly monitoring the environment around itself when it is left unattended. When Sentry Mode is turned on, it goes into a “Standby” state and uses the vehicle’s external cameras to detect potential threats. If a minimal threat is detected, for example, when someone is leaning on a car, the Sentry Mode switches to the “Alert” state and displays a message on the touch screen warning that its cameras are recording. If a more serious threat is detected, for example, someone breaks the window, the Sentry Mode switches to the “Alarm” state, which activates the car alarm, increases the brightness of the central display and plays music at maximum volume from the car audio system.

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