Tesla ~110 kWh Battery Pack Shows A Path Far Beyond 400 Miles of Range

Tesla ~110 kWh Battery Pack Shows A Path Far Beyond 400 Miles of Range

A Tesla ~110kWh battery may be coming that shows a path far beyond 400 miles of range--for the Model S at least. Noted Tesla hacker and parts reseller Jason Hughes recently tinkered with Tesla’s Battery Management System (BMS) firmware and found some data about a new battery pack configuration for the Model S, 3, and X.

Based on the updates to Tesla’s BMS firmware, Hughes speculated that the EV automaker was prepping the new Models S, 3, and X for new battery pack configurations “at some point.” Given that Tesla is continuously trying to improve its battery setup, Hughes’ speculation seems plausible.

According to the Tesla hacker’s tweet, there were some variables tweaked in Tesla’s BMS firmware to fit 108 cell groups (~450V pack). He also discovered a packID with a start life set to ~109kWh usable or 400+ miles. Hughes estimated that a ~109 kWh usable battery roughly translated to a ~113-114 kWh pack.

Recently, Tesla’s Model S webpage was updated to read that the company’s premium sedan had an estimated EPA range of 390 miles per charge. Tesla fans were ecstatic about the news and wondered if Elon Musk’s 400-mile goal was already checked off. However, the 390-mile Model S more likely meant that Tesla finally updated its website with more recent, up-to-date values.

Following the webpage update, Elon Musk dropped a Tweet, saying: “Tesla Model S estimated EPA range is now above 390 miles or ~630 km.”

Musk added all Model S and X vehicles built in the past months were already well above their previously stated EPA range. A software update would unlock the extra range soon Tesla’s CEO said.

Musk explained that gradual hardware improvements throughout the Models S and X were introduced over the past several months to achieve an EPA range above 390 miles.

He also shared that improvements in the wheels and tires could make a 400-mile vehicle possible, which indicates that a whole new battery pack might be needed to reach that goal. So, if Tesla is prepping the next-gen Model S, 3, and X with new battery packs, it may already be thinking past 400-miles. 

It wouldn’t be uncharacteristic of Tesla or Elon Musk to already be thinking of the next milestone so soon. The people behind Tesla are used to constant innovation and always seem to think of ways to push the envelope. With the production of the Tesla Semi and Cybertruck nearing, the EV tech company may already be finding ways to improve its battery packs, starting with its already tried-and-tested vehicles.

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