Tesla’s 1st Model Y In Canada Already Delivered On June 9th In Vancouver

Tesla’s 1st Model Y In Canada Already Delivered On June 9th In Vancouver

The first Model Y in Canada was delivered to its owner on Tuesday, June 9th, so now we can congratulate Tesla on the official arrival of Model Y in the country. 

Tesla's Vancouver team officially unveiled the first Model Y in Canada. After preparing for delivery, the blue Model Y Long Range was delivered to a happy family.

Source: @TeslaOwnersBC / Twitter

Paul Carter, Founder/President of Tesla Owners Club of British Columbia, told Tesla North in an interview, that Tesla Vancouver invited him to welcome the Model Y to the Tesla family. “The delivery was arranged for June 9 after the vehicle arrived during the weekend to prepare for the awaiting owners,” said Carter, who confirmed the delivery took place at the Tesla Vancouver Store on West 4th.

“Tesla and friends posing for the camera to capture this great occasion gave the camera the number one salute and me, the club President, in an exciteful Y stance,” added Carter, noting he was “so ecstatic” for the new owners of the Model Y.

Source@TeslaOwnersBC / Twitter

Now, the team can focus on deliveries of other Model Ys that have already arrived in Vancouver. According to Drive Tesla Canada, there are already 10 such vehicles in Vancouver ready to delivery.

Simon Wong / Twitter also reports that Model Y has landed in Vancouver. He managed to take a picture showing Model Ys in the car lot.

Source: @Simotaneously / Twitter

Drive Tesla Canada also received reports that Model Y owners in Ontario were informed that trucks with Model Y were en route to Tesla Oakville. If all goes well, deliveries may begin there this weekend or early next week.

Tesla has been assembling its new car for the mass market for several months now. Like competitors, company had to stoped the operation because of COVID-19. Scaling up production at a major factory in Fremont, California, which has been moving forward ever since, has not yet gone smoothly.

Although the company is able to resume all production operations, nevertheless, the production of Model Y manufactured 6 months ahead of schedule, still feels some negative influence. But, despite the difficulties, Tesla still coped well with the COVID-19 crisis, so there is every reason to believe that soon the Model Y production will gain momentum and even more owners will receive their long-awaited vehicles.

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