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Tesla's 1st V3 Supercharger Arrived Netherlands As WW Expansion Continues

Tesla's 1st V3 Supercharger Arrived Netherlands As WW Expansion Continues

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As Tesla CEO Elon Musk said, earlier this year, the company continues to expand its V3 Supercharger Network worldwide. Europe was no exception, and now in the Netherlands, the first V3 Supercharger in the region has appeared. 

Last week, Taiwan received two new V3 Superchargers, which will now make using Tesla on the island even more convenient.

Now, Tesla's Dutch owners are reporting that a California automaker has installed  V3 Supercharger in Rijswijk, Netherlands, which was put into operation on June 3.


In December 2019, Tesla installed V3 Supercharger in London. UK was a part of the EU at that time since Brexit took place on January 31, 2020. But, starting in February 2020, the EU again virtually ended up without a V3 Supercharger. Therefore now the V3 Supercharger in the Netherlands is the first in the EU, but not the first in Europe.

In general, in the Netherlands it is planned to develop 4 new locations: Rijswijk, Akersloot, Apeldoorn, Uden, the total number of stalls should be 64. At present, one of the open V3 Superchargers in Rijswijk has 12 stalls.

Source: supercharge.info 

Tesla's owner in the Netherlands, Martin Grefte / Twitter, reports that two charging stations are currently under construction in Uden and Apeldoorn. Since all groundwork has been done, he expects the V3 Superchargers to be launched in the coming days.

Another Tesla owner Roberto di Gento / Twitter, claims that the stalls in Apeldoorn are already installed, but not yet powered.

V3 Supercharger in Apeldoorn | Roberto di Gento / Twitter

At the moment, according to the Tesla website, many new Superchargers are planned to be installed throughout Europe. In Germany, two locations with V3 charging points are already under construction.

V3 Superchargers are visually similar to V2, but instead of a V2 DC cable and a CCS cable for Model 3, a thinner liquid-cooled CCS cable is installed. V3 allows you to get charging power up to 250 kW, while V2 chargers are 150 kW at the last stage of expansion.

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