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Tesla 2019.40.50 Update's Save Dashcam Clip on Honk Put to the Test


Tesla's Save Dashcam Clips on Honk feature from the automaker's 2019.40.50 update was put to the test recently by YouTuber Teslatunity. The Tesla enthusiast's video reveals how the new feature is used and whether it's worth keeping it on in Tesla vehicles. 

According to Teslatunity's video, Tesla's new Save Dashcam Clips on Honk records at least 5 seconds of footage after the driver presses on the horn. The YouTuber tested the feature twice on the road. 

The Tesla enthusiast wasn't sure if 5 seconds would be enough time to capture any useful footage, especially in dire or emergency situations. However, he did think it was a useful enough feature to keep it turned on in his Tesla Model 3. 

The 2019.40.50 feature may still need some improvements, but it has already shown its worth on the road. According to XAutoWorld, Save Dashcam Clips on Honk was able to capture footage of a hammer hitting the windshield of a Tesla Model 3 while it was driving on a highway. 

The hammer seemed like it was thrown out of an SUV ahead of the Model 3. It is unclear whether the object was thrown on purpose or if the situation was merely a moment of bad luck. However, no one was harmed by the hammer, thanks to Model 3's tough windshield. 

In the hammer incident, the Model 3 owner found Tesla's new feature quite helpful. It comes to no surprise that Tesla owners would deem Save Dashcam Clips on Honk useful since it was suggested to Elon Musk by a person who drove a Tesla. 

Tesla supporter @brandonbernicky suggested the feature to Elon Musk via Twitter on November 13, 2019. At the time, Tesla's CEO simply replied to the request by saying, "Yeah, makes sense."

The feature @brandonbernicky suggested was added to Tesla's Holiday update. Its inclusion reveals that Musk and in extension Tesla listens to its customers and actually values their suggestions and opinions. As such, it is highly likely that Tesla will continue to improve Save Dashcam Clips on Honk, if owners just shared their thoughts on it. 

If you have any thoughts on the feature, please leave them in the comment section below. 

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