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Tesla 2020.24.5 OTA Software Update Introduces Camera & Autopilot Improvements


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Tesla’s 2020.24.5 OTA Software Update introduces a few impressive camera and Autopilot improvements that owners may appreciate. Most of the camera improvements will be quite useful to drivers, as some of the little tweaks Tesla introduced in the latest OTA update make its vehicles a bit more user-friendly as well. 

Cameras, Cameras, Cameras

In the 2020.24.5 update, Tesla improved Dashcam Viewer and backup camera visualization. The EV automaker also expressed its intent to activate the camera inside the cabin found in the rear-view mirror. Below are the release notes for each feature. 

Dashcam Viewer Improvements: “To make Sentry Mode videos easier to review, we have added a red dot along the video scrubber to indicate the moment when a Sentry Mode event was triggered. When playing a Sentry Mode video, the Dashcam Viewer will skip ahead and begin playback right before this point.”

Backup Camera Improvements: “You can now view video streams coming from your side repeater cameras for added visibility around the vehicle. When the backup camera is visible, simply swipe to display the repeater camera video feeds.”

Cabin Camera was more broadly discussed in a previous Tesmanian report because it is a new feature with a lot of potential. 

Driver-Friendly Improvements

Tesla introduced driving visualization improvements in 2020.24.5, along with other user-friendly updates to features like Walk-Away Door Lock. It also released an on-route battery warmup feature and language support for Portuguese.

Based on Tesla’s Release Notes for driving visualization improvements, vehicles will be able to display more objects on the road. Tesla cars can already detect traffic lights, stop signs, and some road markings. The visualization improvements in 2020.24.5 could be the speed limit sign recognition capability resident Tesla hacker @greentheonly reported a few days ago. 

As for user-friendly experiences, Tesla gave drivers the ability to disable the Walk-Away Door Lock feature in their cars. It also released an On-Route Battery Warmup feature, which preconditions the car’s battery while it navigates towards Tesla Superchargers and third-party charging stations. Tesla Driver was able to catch footage of the On-Route Battery Warmup feature in action

Overall, the 2020.24.5 update seems to focus on cameras and driver experience. The camera improvements and Cabin Camera feature will probably help the Autopilot team develop Tesla’s driver-assist system and Full Self-Driving suite.

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