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Rumor: Some Form of Tesla FSD Beta May Be Included with 2020 Holiday OTA Update

Rumor: Some Form of Tesla FSD Beta May Be Included with 2020 Holiday OTA Update

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Tesla's 2020 holiday update could possibly bring Tesla owners who paid for FSD some form of FSD Beta, which would be a great Christmas present.

Today, information appeared on the network that Tesla will give access to some functionality of FSD Beta along with the holiday updates. At the moment, there is not a single fact that would confirm or deny this, so it should be considered as a rumor.

@christorrella/Twitter claims to have received confirmation that this will happen. He backed up his words with a snippet of a message from an unknown source, hinting that the person shared some details with him: "We were given access to an internal email that shows details regarding FSD and upcoming releases."

We do not have facts to confirm or deny the statement that is in the tweet. However, Tesla CEO Elon Musk has already started teasing us with the upcoming holiday software release, suggesting that it will be very hot.

He stressed that the update will include many things that they asked for, as well as many that they did not even know they wanted. Given that Tesla's team is constantly working to improve its cars, no one has a single drop of doubt that the new additions—even those that owners did not ask for—will be very much in demand and desirable.

In late November, Musk wrote that, in two weeks, more people will have access to FSD Beta. With this information and the way he teased the owners with the holiday update, it shouldn't be hard to believe that Tesla could add some of the already well-tested and reliable features of FSD Beta to all FSD owners.

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