Tesla Model 3 Vanquished Audi S4 TDI, BMW 330e and Mercedes C 300de

Tesla Model 3 Vanquished Audi S4 TDI, BMW 330e and Mercedes C 300de

The Autozeitung conducted a comparative test between the Tesla Model 3 Performance, Audi S4 TDI (diesel), BMW 330e (petrol Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle) and Mercedes C 300de (diesel Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle). As a result of testing Tesla Model 3 became the winner with the highest number of points.

Since the same rating system is used for each category of vehicles - whether it is a practical small car, a luxury sedan, a durable SUV or a dynamic sports car - in the end, the individual results can also be compared with each other.

They evaluate the bodywork, driving comfort, engine/transmission, driving dynamics and environment/cost, for a total of 45 individual evaluations.

Source: Autozeitung

Audi S4, BMW 3 Series, Mercedes C-Class and Tesla Model 3 in the comparative test.

The test shows that Model 3 has a relatively small trunk door, but at the same time, the car has the largest trunk of all presented. None of the tested cars can compare with 15 cu ft of trunk space in Model 3.

Battery placement affects two German hybrids from BMW and Mercedes. Mercedes installed a large box in the middle of the luggage compartment, which reduced its volume to a miserable 10.6 cu ft. BMW has placed electrical components in the boot floor, but the trunk volume is still only 13 cu ft.

The situation with space is the same for passengers in the cabin. Model 3 doesn't have a massive central tunnel, which makes the seats more spacious. German competitors cannot boast the same, passengers in their cars are forced to sit more compactly. Model 3 has enough room for passengers' legs, both front and rear, although the ceiling height of German cars is slightly higher. According to tests, the build quality of the interior of German cars is better.


Model 3 Performance sports suspension provides decent comfort in this test. In addition to the slight vibrations of the superstructure pitching on a slightly wavy road, after large distances, the rather sensitive response of the spring elements is remembered.

Despite the optional adaptive shock absorber, the BMW 330e was a little less sensitive. Audi resists road damage somewhat more confidently. When it comes to suspension comfort, Mercedes, which is equipped with adaptive shock absorbers and an optional air suspension, is at the top. However, sometimes the tail sways a little harder on some hits than its competitors.


Engines Model 3 operate almost silently, but it is very productive. Overtaking is "breathtaking." None of the competitors has an analogue to such a quick acceleration. It takes only 3.4 seconds to accelerate from 0 to 60 mph; all this is possible thanks to 483 hp (355 kW).

Autozeitung notes that the range for Model 3 was not a problem either. A car can drive about 322 miles, depending on the battery level and driving style.

Source: Autozeitung


Audi showed good driving dynamics. But tests showed that Tesla works better, it responds even faster to steering commands in 'Track' mode, it is even more neutral than Audi, and it distributes its power even faster between the front and rear wheels without sacrificing driving safety. As a result, Tesla laps 2.3 seconds faster than Audi, and with its lap times is in the range of what supercars can do. Two rear-wheel drive cars, Mercedes and BMW, are clearly left behind.


When it comes to clean driving, Tesla becomes an unrivaled leader. Sustainability of cars affects their value through subsidies.

Model 3 Performance has the second highest price among the tested cars, but the car includes a very wide range of functions that others don't have. In addition, Deutsche Automobil Treuhand (DAT) predicts the lowest cost loss for Tesla.

Also, Model 3 has the lowest repair and maintenance costs in the United States. The Audi S4 is the last in this category, it consumes more fuel than the Mercedes C 300 de and BMW 330e, and also doesn't receive subsidies due to the high level of emissions.


As a result of testing, Model 3 Performance wins with 3296 points. Following Tesla is Mercedes, scoring 3149 points. Audi is in 3rd place with 3143 points, and BMW is in 4th place with 3127 points.

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Featured image: Autozeitung


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