Tesla 4680 Battery Cell Production Tripled QoQ in Q3 2022

Tesla 4680 Battery Cell Production Tripled QoQ in Q3 2022

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Tesla installs second-generation equipment to produce new batteries and triples its production of 4680 battery cells quarter-over-quarter. Output is growing so fast that it will soon become a significant part of Giga Texas production.

Tesla's production of 4680 battery cells is one of the most interesting topics, because the future growth of the company depends on it. During the Q3 2022 Earnings Call, Tesla executives shared the progress of the work in this direction and the news was very good. Production of the new 4680 cells is finally gaining momentum, according to the release, and tripled in the third quarter compared to the previous quarter. Elon Musk said output is growing rapidly and will become a significant part of Giga Texas vehicle production in the coming months.

“Our production of 4680 cells has tripled in Q3 compared to the previous quarter. We are finally gaining rapid traction on the 4680 cell. And its output is growing rapidly, and we expect it to start incorporating in cars and having it be a significant portion of our production here in Texas in the coming months.”

Musk also revealed that the company has second-generation manufacturing facilities for 4680 battery cells. The result of work on it continues to show great progress along with Tesla's original pilot line at Fremont. He said the Fremont factory team again reached record levels of production in the third quarter and intends to continue increasing production there.

“We also have our second generation of manufacturing equipment for 4680 cells in Texas, which continues to show great progress along with our original pilot line in Fremont. The Fremont factory team once again reached record production in Q3. And we intend to keep raising production in Fremont.”

Zachary Kirkhorn also added that the total production of 4680 batteries in Q4 will exceed 1,000 car battery packs per week. The team's focus is now shifting from a 100% production ramp-up to cost reduction and further expansion of North American production capacity. Musk added:

“Basically, production of 4680 ramp is growing exponentially. And yes, it's going well. We're just looking at this -- just going to be a major pack in the future.”

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