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Tesla AI Team Seeks Employee in Europe to Improve NN for Scaling Autopilot & Tesla Bot

Tesla AI Team Seeks Employee in Europe to Improve NN for Scaling Autopilot & Tesla Bot

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Tesla continues to deploy efforts to improve its neural network and its training around the world. The AI ​​Team is looking for an employee in Europe to reinforce, optimize, and scale out their neural training and auto-labeling infrastructure and framework.

The Engineering Manager at Tesla AI/Autopilot, Tim Zaman, posted a job ad for his department in Twitter. The company is looking for an SRE Machine Learning Infrastructure Engineer, Autopilot AI in Munich, Bavaria, as it is seeking to expand not only in North America and China, but also in Europe.

According to the description, the employee will be part of the team that works on “reinforcing, optimizing, and scaling out our neural network training and auto-labeling infrastructure and framework, used with both Autopilot and the Tesla Bot.” This assumes that he/she will be working on Tesla GPU-supercomputers and Dojo.

Among the direct responsibilities of the candidate for this position, Tesla listed:

  • Work with the Tesla AI team in Palo Alto to provide night-time overlap to work on our infra.
  • Reinforce our machine learning framework, and jobs debugging across the hardware and software stack.
  • Responsible for stability of machine learning platform and its services (experiment and model tracking, storage management, etc)
  • Optimize the architecture and configuration of our distributed hardware (CPU, GPU, fabric, storage, Dojo).
  • Characterize components of our supercomputer for insights into stability and health.

Tesla is looking for a candidate who has:

  • Strong work ethics and independence.
  • Demonstrated experience in observing and debugging distributed systems.
  • Solid knowledge of databases, services and reliability.
  • Experienced in Python.
  • Minimum of 3 years full time work experience.

The company will also be happy if the candidate has:

  • Experience in C++.
  • Experience with high-performance networking or distributed storage systems.

The expansion of the AI ​​Team in Europe is a very good sign. First of all, this indicates that Tesla is looking to improve Autopilot for operation in the region. This activity indicates that the manufacturer intends to provide FSD Beta here as soon as possible. Earlier, Tesla CEO Elon Musk said the software should be ready for global rollout before the end of the year. However, he cautioned that the actual rollout will depend on how quickly countries' regulators allow it to happen.

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