Tesla Autopilot Screen Will Soon Recognize All Models

by Eva Fox August 09, 2020

Tesla Autopilot Screen Will Soon Recognize All Models

The Tesla Autopilot display will soon show other Teslas by model and color, and service vehicles.

@greentheonly brings us some interesting news once again. After reviewing the latest Tesla software update, he noticed that soon the Tesla Autopilot display will reflect all vehicles by model. He also noted that later there will appear: Ambulance, Firetruck, Police Car, and "Construction."
In late July, Tesla CEO Elon Musk tweeted that Teslas will soon display a rendered image according to model and color instead of the usual SUV/sedan designations.

Tesla owners have long been asking Musk to make this improvement to the Autopilot display. This change doesn't really serve a practical purpose, but it would be fun and interesting. Fun and joy play a very important role in our life, energizing us with positive energy. Musk is an incredibly optimistic and positive person, and he has always understood this. That is why Teslas are not only excellent and reliable vehicles but also cool infotainment stations.

The company's cars are jammed-packed with entertainment that adds to the daily enjoyment and overall ownership experience. These are the famous Model X dances, Easter eggs, rainbow lighting of the road visualization, games, the ability to draw and create music, and much more:

Source: DragTimes / YouTube

It is also worth paying close attention to the fact that Tesla is planning to visualize service vehicles.

In the daytime, flashing lights of emergency vehicles can be barely noticeable, music playing in the car can interfere with siren recognition, and other vehicles can partially or totally the visualization of service vehicles. Tesla cars "see" much better than humans, therefore they are able to recognize service vehicles in advance and warn the driver with a corresponding image on the display. 

Perhaps such visualizations--as an option--could also be accompanied by visual and audible alerts, or even dynamic audio, based on proximity to an approaching service vehicle? Tesla and Musk are always looking for suggestions to improve its vehicles.

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