Tesla & Giga Berlin Are Revitalizing the German Automotive Labor Market

Eva Fox by Eva Fox August 16, 2021

Tesla & Giga Berlin Are Revitalizing the German Automotive Labor Market

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The arrival of the Californian electric car manufacturer in Germany has caused a unique "Tesla effect." The company has become a magnet for investment in the region and has changed the labor market in the country's auto industry.

Software specialists, Textkernel, analyzed the German automotive labor market. The AI-powered study has provided interesting insights into the fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic and the "Tesla effect."

According to a Textkernel study for WirtschaftsWoche, the German auto industry has begun to recover noticeably faster from the effects of COVID-19 and there is a greater need for skilled workers. Since the start of the first lockdown, the German auto industry first experienced a sharp decline of 24%. For example, in May 2020, the number of all offered insured jobs in the sector was only 600.

Despite the dire situation during COVID-19, Tesla continues to increase the number of vacancies, which has led to a high level of job offers in the industry. With the construction of its new factory, Giga Berlin, the American electric vehicle manufacturer created a “special offer” of jobs as it required a large number of new workers. In March and April, Tesla dominated the German auto job market with 1,300 jobs out of 2,000.

Analysis of Textkernel also showed that the most in-demand specialists are software developers for cars. The growing network of modern vehicles and the increasing complexity of software structures and onboard computers mean that simply upgrading the skills of existing personnel is not sufficient to keep up with technological advances.

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