Tesla Announces 2021 Annual Shareholders Meeting at Giga Texas

Tesla Announces 2021 Annual Shareholders Meeting at Giga Texas

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Tesla is releasing an update on the 2021 Annual Shareholders Meeting. The meeting will take place at Tesla's new U.S. factory—Giga Texas.

The 2021 Annual Shareholders Meeting will be held at Tesla's new factory in Austin, Texas, on Thursday, October 7, 2021, at 4:30 p.m. Central time. The meeting will be held in a virtual format due to the restrictions associated with the ongoing pandemic. Live video webcasts of the 2021 Annual Meeting event will be accessible to the general public at www.tesla.com/2021shareholdermeeting. To join the virtual meeting, a unique 15-digit secure “control number” is needed for each participant, which can be obtained as follows:

  • If you are a “stockholder of record” with shares registered directly in your name with our transfer agent, Computershare Trust Company (a minority of Tesla stockholders), you can find the control number on the Notice of Internet Availability or paper proxy card that was sent to you.
  • If you are a “beneficial owner” and hold shares through a broker, bank or other organization (the vast majority of Tesla stockholders), you may:
    • Register in advance to obtain a control number. Please ask your broker, bank or organization for a “legal proxy” for the 2021 Annual Meeting and submit a copy of it from your e-mail address with “Legal Proxy” in the subject line to legalproxy@computershare.com or by mail to Computershare at Tesla, Inc. Legal Proxy, P.O. Box 43001, Providence, RI, 02940-3001. If your request is received no later than 4:00 p.m. Central Time on October 4, 2021, you will receive a confirmation e-mail with your control number; or
    • Use the control number received with your voting instruction form. Please note, however, that this option is intended to be provided as a convenience to beneficial owners only, and there is no guarantee this option will be available for every type of beneficial owner voting control number. Please go to https://meetnow.global/MVA22YQ for more information on the available options and registration instructions.

The virtual meeting will feature live audio webcasts, and shareholders will be able to submit votes, written comments, and questions on meeting agenda items. Since the number of issues on the agenda is high and the company strives to complete the meeting within a reasonable timeframe, they cannot guarantee that every shareholder who wishes to have a question or comment addressed during the meeting will be able to do so.

All stockholders are encouraged to vote and submit their proxies in advance of the 2021 Annual Meeting by one of the methods described in the proxy materials. Proxy cards, voting instruction forms and Notices of Internet Availability for the 2021 Annual Meeting scheduled for October 7, 2021 that were previously distributed will not be updated to reflect the change in meeting format, and may continue to be used to vote shares in connection with the 2021 Annual Meeting.

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