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Tesla Announces Huge Engineer & Technician Hiring Push for R&D Center in China

Tesla Announces Huge Engineer & Technician Hiring Push for R&D Center in China

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The construction of an R&D center near Giga Shanghai will soon be completed and will employ a large number of engineers. Tesla has announced a massive hiring spree for engineers and technicians for the R&D center in China.

Once the new building—which will house the R&D center—is completed, it will house engineers and technicians who will work on R&D and design, as well as make some significant improvements to the existing models. Tesla China recently announced another—this time much more expansive—recruitment for a number of new positions.

First and foremost, Tesla is in need of more recruiters to seek out and hire personnel specifically for the R&D center, which indicates the seriousness of Tesla's intentions to use the best talent in China. The new vacancy list consists of over 100 positions, so hiring recruiters is a very important step.

Apart from this, hiring is covering six main areas:

  • R&D Engineering
  • Vehicle Software
  • Vehicle Engineering
  • Hardware Design
  • Powertrain and Energy
  • Material Engineering

On January 29, 2021, Tesla in China received approval for an environmental impact report from the Lingang Area Development and Construction Management Committee. This means that the start of a new phase of the factory, where the production of the new model would begin, has been approved. Tesla's environmental impact report shows that manufacturing processes such as stamping, painting, welding, and final assembly of electric vehicles have been added to the project. Once completed, the project will add manufacturing facilities for Model 3, Model Y, and "related derived models."

The project will carry out tests related to the launch of a new model and research work at the existing plant, including testing important equipment and manufacturing processes. According to the document, the testing cycle is about six months for verification and coordination of parts and functions, etc.

In January 2020, Tesla announced that it would open an R&D center in China to build an original, Chinese-designed Tesla, tailored to the local market. Since then, Tesla China has already announced the recruitment of employees for the R&D center several times. The new model, developed by Chinese designers, is expected to be Tesla's compact and affordable (around $25,000) electric vehicle.

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