Tesla App Global Download (Weekly) Up About 20% YoY, as EV Demand Continues to Skyrocket

by Eva Fox September 14, 2020

Tesla App Global Download (Weekly) Up About 20% YoY, as EV Demand Continues to Skyrocket

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Tesla is actively working to further enhance its existing factories in the United States and China. With only two weeks remaining in Q3, it looks like Tesla is again working on breaking new records. The number of electric vehicles delivered also continues to skyrocket, as evidenced by the growing number of Tesla applications installed.

The assembly line for Model Y in Fremont has been successfully installed. This means Model 3 can now be produced without hinderance, as the two models are on separate assembly lines.

Photos from the Tesla factory in Fremont show that the parking lot is filled with new cars. The video only shows a small fraction of the parking lots located near the assembly line for the Model Y and Giga Press, but even so, we can see hundreds of new vehicles waiting to be loaded for delivery.

Source: Gabeincal

Giga Shanghai also continues to ramp up production of Model 3 for deliveries in Q3. Drone shots show that most of the car park near Phase 1 is filled with electric vehicles. You can see that there are about 800 Model 3s in the parking lot at the same time.

Source: WU WA

The global weekly Tesla App download data also suggests that the number of Tesla owners continues to grow steadily. “Tesla global weekly app downloads have recently been tracking up on a year-over-year basis, with the most recent full week of global data up about 20% yoy,” said Goldman Sachs in a note to clients on Monday.


Overall, 3Q 2020 will likely surprise us with impressive new sales data, continuing to reflect consumers' robust commitment to green transportation and Tesla's success in meeting its global goals.

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