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Tesla Applies for Permission to Produce Batteries at Giga Berlin

Tesla Applies for Permission to Produce Batteries at Giga Berlin

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Tesla has officially applied to the state of Brandenburg for permission to manufacture battery cells at Giga Berlin. In addition, the company has planned the expansion of the Press Shop and some other changes.

Submitting a formal application is the next step on Tesla's journey towards achieving its broader goals. The statement indicated that the production of battery cells will be carried out as ancillary equipment for the production of vehicles. At Giga Berlin, the company will begin production of 4680 battery cells, which will form part of the new vehicle architecture. The American manufacturer has completely revised its application documents and submitted them to the State Environmental Administration, the Environment Department announced Thursday, according to rbb24.

In addition, Tesla has planned an expansion of the press shop, where two additional press lines will be installed. This expansion will require the installation of 1,180 new foundation piles. The steps for manufacturing and painting plastic components such as bumpers and mirror caps should also be added. According to the new application, the body shop should be reduced to one production line.

Despite the expansion of production capacity and the addition of a battery factory, the Ministry of the Environment has confirmed that water consumption will be limited to approximately 1.4 million cubic meters per year. The volume of wastewater should be about 925,000 cubic meters per year. Both figures are covered by a contract signed by Tesla with utility companies.

At this point, the government department has to decide whether to involve the public to discuss the new application again or not. The decision should be accepted and announced in the coming days.

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