Tesla Approved for Basic International Telecommunications Service License in Canada

Tesla Approved for Basic International Telecommunications Service License in Canada

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Tesla has been approved for a Basic International Telecommunications Services License in Canada. The company is committed to providing cellular data service between vehicles, and between the vehicle and mobile devices of owners, and does not intend to own or operate transmission facilities in Canada.

The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) approved Tesla for a Basic International Telecommunications Services License (BITS) on Tuesday, as noted by the University of Ottawa Law Professor, Michael Geist (via Tesla North). The path to obtaining approval was not the easiest, because the company faced opposition. However, the reasons for the objections were completely unfounded and did not receive support. Tesla originally applied in September 2022.

Since the application, there have been only two interventions opposing the company's BITS license. One referred to the potential monetary loss that Canada could suffer if the requested license was granted. Another related to personal concerns about Elon Musk and came from Otto Cheng from Ontario. “Elon Musk, after the Twitter takeover and his attempts to run that company, nothing fruitful came to be. I do NOT wish to waste time, money and resources to a meme of a company, which will not reflect well to the Canadian economy,” Cheng said.

Claude Doucet, Secretary General wrote: “These opposing interventions expressed concerns about monetary loss to Canada should the requested license be issued, as well as concerns about the ownership structure of the license applicant.” But these interveners did not substantiate their concerns. Others were in favor of Tesla's application and thusly it was approved by the CRTC.

“After consideration of the comments received, the Commission has approved the application and a BITS license for a period of 10 years is enclosed,” wrote Doucet.

Tesla's application for a BITS license was submitted on September 15, 2022. The company said it wants to offer “Machine-to-Machine cellular data service to enable telemetry data and in-vehicle infotainment services access, including internet access” and “mobile terminating SMS to wake up vehicles.” Tesla made it clear that it “does not, and does not intend to, own or operate transmission facilities in Canada.”

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