Automatic Emergency Braking

Tesla Autopilot Auto Braking & Acceleration Help Owner Avoid A Front & Rear Collision

Tesla Autopilot Auto Braking & Acceleration Help Owner Avoid A Front & Rear Collision

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Every driver knows that dangerous situations periodically occur on the road that can lead to crushes. In a stressful situation, the human-pilot experiences great emotional pressure, which prevents him from a sober assessment of what is happening. And even in those situations where the driver can perfectly react to the situation that occurs in front of the car, the situations that occur from behind can simply go unnoticed for him. 

Sometimes, a car that moves in front can brake sharply for various reasons, and more often than not, a human-pilot is not able to quickly respond to this, so his car crashes into the first one. This in turn leads to a chain reaction when a series of cars crash into each other.

As practice and statistics show, people are unreliable drivers. At the same time, data based on Tesla's reports show that Autopilot and automatic driver assistance systems are safer than a human-pilot and very effectively help the drivers avoid traffic accidents.

A video posted by Twitter user Dennis Chang shows how Tesla's automatic emergency braking avoided a collision with both the front and rear cars. For this, the car did not just brake to avoid a collision with the front car, but, after, it start to acceleration, in order to avoid a collision with a car that was approaching from behind.

Back in 2017, Tesla introduced an automated emergency braking (AEB) system for all its vehicles that’s powered by its Autopilot technology, which is available even for vehicles whose owners haven’t purchased the actual Autopilot. These features are not new, but there is a big 'BUT'.

Not all AEB and driver-assist features are built equally, and in theory the versions of these systems based on vehicles with more advanced sensors and on-board computation should be more effective at actually avoiding or preventing collisions in practice. To date, only Tesla has the necessary kit in order to provide the best AEB.

Tesla made bold statements about the capabilities of its own system, especially in combination with its own artificial intelligence technology, which will serve as the “brain” for autonomous driving technology and the company's cars match this.

We have all seen many videos demonstrating how Tesla cars deal with difficult situations on the road, avoiding collisions with pedestrians and other road users. The automaker is committed to producing the safest cars, and as multiple tests show, this is what Tesla actually does.

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