Tesla Autopilot in China Gets Enlarged Window for Enhanced Navigation

Tesla Autopilot in China Gets Enlarged Window for Enhanced Navigation

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Congested roads, junctions, difficult highway exits are present in many developed countries throughout the world. Navigating these roads is especially difficult in China, where the congestion is quite high and traffic is extra stressful. Tesla has now enhanced the convenience of Chinese drivers in negotiating some of these most difficult stretches and interchanges.

Chinese roads often look like a very complex maze, combined with an intricate American rollercoaster. Multiple levels and multiple ramps can confuse even the most skilled driver. If you mistakenly take the wrong exit, getting back on the right track could even take you several hours.

Due to the constant growth in the number of vehicles, road junctions in China are under enormous pressure. For example, it took billions of dollars and almost five years to connect three major highways--A4, A8 and A20--in the suburbs of Shanghai. This four-level overpass eliminates heavy traffic jams with the traffic of up to half a million cars per day.

Exiting from such an interchange can be extremely stressful, so Tesla China has taken it upon itself to enhance the display of road interchanges and exits on the vehicle's screen. Now, in complement to the standard display, an additional window appears on the screen, helping visualize in greater detail how the interchange will look.

Tesla's China team is working hard to improve the driving experience of the company's Chinese customers. In May, Tesla China's VP, Grace Tao invited graduates to join the Autopilot team to bolster the company's local Full Self-Driving rollout.


For now, this update is only available to Chinese Tesla owners. There is no information yet on whether it will become available to users around the world.

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