Tesla Autopilot Stabilizes Model 3 After High-Speed Collision, Mitigating Harm

Tesla Autopilot Stabilizes Model 3 After High-Speed Collision, Mitigating Harm

Photo: Wham Baam Teslacam/YouTube

Tesla Autopilot stabilized a Tesla car after a collision at high speed, mitigating negative impact. The owner let go of the steering wheel in a panic, and the software took control, preventing the situation from worsening.

Nico Roman shared a dramatic story with Wham Baam Teslacam/YouTube. His wife had an accident in a Tesla Model 3 at 70 mph, but survived with no injuries thanks to the car’s technology. She said that after the crash she let go of the steering wheel in a panic, but the car stabilized on its own, ensuring a safe stop and protecting its occupant and other road users.

Nico's wife was driving along the highway, but suddenly she felt a sharp strong hit from behind the car. As video footage later showed, a Dodge Charger moving from behind in the adjacent lane, left its lane into the Model 3 lane and crashed into the rear left side of the Tesla. The woman was shocked by the situation, and according to her story, she let go of the steering wheel, unable to take any action to stop the car. However, Tesla Autopilot immediately took control, stabilized the car with appropriate movements, and brought it to a safe stop.

The Charger driver stopped half a mile ahead but did not even come back to check on the Tesla owner. In addition, he told the police that it was the Model 3 that hit him, but despite this, he received a ticket from the police who arrived at the scene. Unfortunately, at that moment, the video from the TeslaCam was not available for viewing, so both owners will meet in court, where the Charger driver will no longer be able to lie, as the court will see video evidence of his actions.

Nico's insurance company assessed the damage to the Model 3 and paid $15,000 more for the car than it was worth a year earlier when it was bought. His wife has already ordered another Model 3 as she has seen firsthand that it is the safest car she has ever owned.

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