Autopilot not Involved in Accident Involving Semi Truck & Tesla Car in Detroit, Believes Police

Autopilot not Involved in Accident Involving Semi Truck & Tesla Car in Detroit, Believes Police

Photo: Local 4 News

Last week's accident in Detroit involving a Tesla car and a semi truck was widely reported in the media after the driver and passenger of the Tesla were seriously injured. Many media did not miss the opportunity to suggest the involvement of Tesla Autopilot in the accident, in every possible way hinting and talking about how unsafe it is. However, referring to all data received so far, Detroit police said they do not believe Autopilot was involved in the accident.

Detroit police on Tuesday said they do not believe Autopilot was involved the accident that left Tesla's vehicle stuck under a semi truck, citing driver statements and video evidence showing some of the avoidance maneuvers before the crash. Detroit Police Department Assistant Chief, David LeValley said that everything indicates that high speed was the main factor in the collision, and the car was being operated directly by the driver, not Autopilot.

"It appears that speed was a major factor in the collision. All the indications that we have at this point are that the vehicle was not in autopilot mode, that the driver was in control of the vehicle at the time of the crash."

Later this week, investigators from DPD will be meeting with officials from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and other agencies to look for all clues. “Individuals from that agency along with the officer in charge of the case here in Detroit and the Michigan State police are gonna be removing a black box and an SD card from that Tesla,” said LeValley.

The assistant chief of police said that in this accident, at the moment, all the blame rests with the person who was driving. “They did review that and authorized charges today, charging the driver with reckless driving and causing serious injury,” said LaValley.

Source: Local 4 News


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