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Tesla Battery Day Will Explain Long-Term Development Goals, Especially for Cybertruck, Semi, & Roadster

Tesla Battery Day Will Explain Long-Term Development Goals, Especially for Cybertruck, Semi, & Roadster

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Tomorrow is the much anticipated Battery Day, which has caused a stir not only among Tesla fans but in several industries. While the details of what will be presented remain shrouded in secrecy, patent information and hints from Elon Musk offer us some direction.

Musk via Twitter today made a note about tomorrow's Battery Day. He wrote that the company's developments will primarily affect long-term production, especially for the Semi, Cybertruck, and Roadster. However, he added a footnote stating that what the company will announce will not reach serious mass production until 2022.

Tesmanian reported in February that Tesla's new battery cells will have a different form factor. This hinted that the new cells could be targeted at new products, such as Semi and Cybertruck. With the latest hint from Musk, this information makes even more sense.

These new products will need an improved battery, even more capable than what is powering Teslas today. The Cybertruck and Semi, in particular, would greatly benefit from new battery technologies. They offer truly next-level transport, designed to move heavy goods at long distances. It makes sense, then, that Tesla would ensure these one-of-a-kind products also have the most cutting-edge battery tech.

Roadstreader is a sports car with incredible performance. However, in order to meet it, the vehicle must have a reliable and highly efficient battery.

Although Tesla already has its own battery cell test production line in Fremont, it will not be able to meet the manufacturer's needs at the moment. That is why Musk stressed that Tesla is not going to reduce purchases of batteries from Panasonic, LG and CATL; instead, Tesla actually intends to increase buying, and possibly even consider other partners.


The fact is that Tesla cars are incredibly popular, and batteries are currently the bottleneck. Therefore, despite the fact that battery suppliers are operating at maximum speed, the company still predicts significant shortages in the future. This is why Tesla took action.

Battery manufacturing is fundamental to the production of more electric vehicles and key to the world moving to sustainable energy. “The thing we’re going to be focused on is increasing the battery production capacity because that’s very fundamental. Cause if you don’t improve battery production capacity, then you end up just shifting unit volume from one part to another, and you haven’t actually produced more electric vehicles," Musk said.

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