Tesla Becomes #6 Best-Selling Car Brand in Singapore in September Selling Only One Model

by Eva Fox October 16, 2021

Tesla Becomes #6 Best-Selling Car Brand in Singapore in September Selling Only One Model

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Usually, Tesla does not enter a country quietly but bursts into it loudly. After two months of sales in Singapore, Tesla became the best-selling EV and created serious competition for gasoline and diesel cars, becoming the #6 best-selling car brand in September.

Tesla sales in Singapore began in the last days of July. On July 29, the manufacturer delivered the first Model 3s to customers, marking Tesla's official entry into the city-state market after years of difficult relationships and uncertainties. The delivery event took place at the new showroom in Toa Payoh, which also houses the manufacturer's service center. Since then, the company has influenced significant change in the country's automotive market.

Tesla became the best-selling electric vehicle in September and in Q3 2021, according to information from the Land Transport Authority posted by @darenyoong/Twitter. This is not surprising, since the manufacturer sold 314 vehicles in September alone, which is a high figure for the local market.

However, the more impressive part is that Tesla became the #6 best-selling car in the country in September, not as much behind the competition as you might imagine. Having sold 314 cars in September, Tesla only trailed Hyundai by three units. Toyota is in first place with 778 units. In second place is Honda with 466 units, in third place is Mercedes Benz with 449, and in fourth place is BMW with 425.

It should be kept in mind that Tesla sells only one single model in Singapore---Model 3--while all competitors sell several models at the same time. At the moment, Tesmanian could not find sales data by model, however it seems that Model 3 has also become one of the best-selling models in the country.

Toyota sold 231 "petrol" vehicles, 1 "diesel" and 546 "others" vehicles in September, according to figures published on the Land Transport Authority's website. Each gasoline model sold in the Singapore market loses individually to the sales of Model 3. The "other" category includes "hybrid" vehicles sold by Toyota, of which there are about seven models and sales amounted to 546 units. Thus, it is reasonable to assume that Model 3 could well surpass the sales of each model and become the best-selling car in the country, or at least take one of the top spots. Once sales data by model becomes available, Tesmanian will publish a more detailed analysis.

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