Tesla Is Best-Selling EV Brand in CA for Q1, Model Y Takes the Lead

Tesla Is Best-Selling EV Brand in CA for Q1, Model Y Takes the Lead

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Tesla has once again become the best-selling EV brand in California with Model Y as the clear leader in sales. CEO Elon Musk's prediction is coming true and the compact SUV is becoming more popular than its older sibling, Model 3.

Tesla reported record deliveries in Q1 2021, delivering 184,800 units. While the last quarter was not a record for the company in California, it was a record for Model Y here, the sales of which for the first time surpassed Model 3 sales, according to data from Cross-Sell, a research firm that correlates ownership and registration data. During this period, Tesla registered 8,060 Model 3s in California and an impressive 12,227 Model Ys. The compact SUV segment is highly popular in the car market, so it should come as no surprise that Model Y will gradually become more popular than its older sibling.

Thus, the total number of Tesla registrations in California in Q1 2021 was 21,520 vehicles, reflecting a decline of approximately 1,700 units compared to the same period last year. The slight decline primarily reflects the fact that the company almost did not sell Model S and X, as during this period the production line was re-equipped to produce their updated versions. Nevertheless, in the next quarters of the year, this lag should be significantly compensated.

Tesla sold approximately 69,300 vehicles in the US in Q1 2021, and remains the country’s only major EV manufacturer, according to a report by Cox Automotive and Kelley Blue Book. Tesla accounted for 71% of total electric vehicle sales in the US in the last quarter.

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