Tesla Begins Recruitment for Sales Positions to Launch Israeli Market Likely 1H 2021

Tesla Begins Recruitment for Sales Positions to Launch Israeli Market Likely 1H 2021

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Tesla has stepped up its efforts to enter the Israeli market lately, preparing to debut in the first half of 2021. In parallel with establishing relationships with representatives of the country and preparing premises for the service center, Tesla began recruiting for a number of positions related to sales.

In November, the company opened recruitment for three positions: Senior Vehicle Registration Specialist, Tesla Advisor, and Store Manager. All positions indicate that Tesla is recruiting a team of specialists who will register, demonstrate, sell, and deliver the company's products to customers.

Store Manager will be responsible for overseeing and driving sales and delivery operations in the local market.

Tesla Advisor will be responsible to offer seamless customer service throughout the entire customer journey.

The Senior Vehicle Registration Specialist will have a number of responsibilities related to the vehicle registration process to ensure vehicles are registered in a timely manner and in line with local requirements. This includes register Tesla owned fleet vehicles, related to marketing, press, service, as well as arranging the insurance. Also, this specialist should set up vehicle registration processes for new markets and optimize for existing markets.

At the end of November, Tesla planned to complete the purchase of real estate for a service center in the center of Israel. In addition, the company was considering leasing an existing logistics park for an Israeli car importer to serve as a spare parts center for Tesla.

At the moment, Model S, 3, and X have passed the test for compliance with Israeli standards. They are already in the country, but the first Model Y will arrive in Israel in early 2021 to be tested. Marketing will start simultaneously for all existing Tesla models, which means they will all be launched in this market in the first half of 2021.

The new positions indicate the final preparation of the company to enter the Israeli market.

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